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Welcome to the world of Optrex Industrial LCD Panels

where innovation meets precision! Our diverse range of LCD panels is designed to elevate your visual experience across various applications. Whether you're in manufacturing, healthcare, or gaming, we've got the perfect display solution for you.

Unveiling Optrex Industrial LCD Panels

Optrex Industrial LCD Panels offer cutting-edge technology with a focus on durability and performance. Explore our product types to discover the ideal display for your specific needs:

Optrex Industrial LCD Panel Types

  • Optrex Industrial LCD Panel 9000 Series

    These panels are engineered for industrial automation, providing clear visuals even in harsh environments. With high resolution and reliability, they're a top choice for manufacturing facilities.

  • Optrex Industrial LCD Panel 7000 Series

    Designed for medical applications, these panels offer excellent image quality and compliance with medical standards. Experience precision in diagnostic displays and surgical suites.

  • Optrex Industrial LCD Panel 5000 Series

    Gamers and entertainment enthusiasts, this one's for you! The 5000 Series delivers vibrant colors and fast response times, perfect for an immersive gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What sets Optrex Industrial LCD Panels apart from competitors?

A1: Optrex Industrial LCD Panels stand out due to their advanced technology, durability, and versatility. We prioritize quality, ensuring our displays meet industry standards.

Q2: Are these panels suitable for outdoor use?

A2: Yes, some of our panels are designed for outdoor applications. Check the specifications of the specific series to find the one that suits your needs.

Q3: Do you offer customization options for these panels?

A3: Absolutely! We offer customization services to tailor the LCD panels to your unique requirements, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your applications.

Genres and Themes

Our Optrex Industrial LCD Panels cater to various genres and themes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These include:


Manufacturing, Healthcare, Gaming, Entertainment, Industrial Automation, Medical Displays, and more.


Precision Technology, Visual Excellence, Durability, Innovation, and Performance.

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Optrex DMF-50174ZNB-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF-50174ZNB-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF-50174ZNB-FW Lcd Panel..

$1,000.00 Ex Tax: $1,000.00

Optrex DMF50036NFU-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF50036NFU-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF50036NFU-FW Lcd Panel..

$1,000.00 Ex Tax: $1,000.00

Optrex DMF651ANB-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF651ANB-FW Lcd Panel

Optrex DMF651ANB-FW Lcd Panel..

$1,000.00 Ex Tax: $1,000.00

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